AUDIOCALIA. I like to hear you

To feel, hear and experience the most important moments in life. That is what we want, and that is why we have created Audiocalia, the exclusive audiology brand from Opticalia.

Audiocalia guarantees the most comfortable, effective and reliable hearing solution. Our hearing aids don’t just increase the volume, but also create a natural and understandable sound to improve your quality of life.

We adapt to your needs and help you to choose the right hearing aid for you, with different customisation options and in a wide range of colours and shapes:


Is the smallest hearing aid and is made to the size of the ear conduct, which must be of a certain size; perfect for losses of no more than 75dB.

Slightly larger than the IIC but hardly noticeable in users; designed to cater for hearing losses of no more than 85dB.

This hearing aid covers losses of up to 100dB, is made to the size of the ear conduct and, like the IIC and CIC, is comfortable and practically invisible.

These are the most comfortable hearing aids in terms of sound. They separate the microphone from the earpieces and allow hearing aids to be connected via Bluetooth to improve the listening experience with the TV, mobile phone and even music equipment.

A comfortable hearing aid, perfect for serious losses of hearing, allowing moulds to be made to measure for people with severe hearing trouble or other problems such as frequent oozing or loss of deep sounds.

These are the most powerful hearing aids, intended to cover losses of up to 105 dB.


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A professional will test your hearing and determine the best treatment for you in our Audiocalia centres.
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Consult all of the financing options at your Audiocalia centre. We offer you up to 48 months interest-free.


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